Metlink City Safari

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Competitors Notes


It is important that you carefully read all the information on this page, and also the rules page.  They contain all the information on what to expect during the Metlink City Safari.

On the day of the event you will be provided with instructions similar to this page.  It is important that you thoroughly read these also, as they will contain additional information.




There is plenty central city parking options near the parliament grounds.




Sunday 14th May3 Hour Event6 Hour Event
Registration from 11:00 amfrom 8:00 am

Your registration pack will have your team name on it.  These will be laid out in alphabetical order.  There is no need to queue - just find your registration spy pack. 

Your registration pack will contain a mapbook for each team member.  The mapbook will show you exactly where all the spy briefcases are. Now you can to start planning your day's adventure. Arriving near the start of registration will help you, as this allows more time for planning your route.

Race Briefing 12:15 pm 9:15 am

Attendance of the race briefing is compulsory.  It will contain important information, a summary of how the day will work, and important safety information.

Prologue 12:30 pm 9:230m

The event starts with a 20 minute prologue.  

You will return to the start finish line, before heading out on the main event.

The main event12:55 pm9:55 am

As soon as you have returned from the prologue, you're off again. 

Is your plan smarter than the others? Collect as many points as you can before the 4:05pm deadline.

Finish4:05 pm4:05 pm

Make sure you are back before the finish time, as for every minute (or part minute) that you are late back, you will be penalised 10 points.

You will notice we have given you an extra 10 minutes.  This is to make best use of the public transport services you may be using during the event.

Prize Giving

 4:15 pm 

 4:15 pm


Race Pack


At registration, you will receive a race pack.  Your race pack will contain:

  • A day pass, for use on the public transport during the day.
  • A meal ticket.
  • A map book.
  • Your secret agency ID badge (and a double agent badge).
  • A race vest to borrow for the day.
  • Live scoring instructions.

The map book contains the following:

  • An overview map showing the whole of the region, the location of all spy briefcases, and the public transport routes
  • A public transport timetable showing Sunday routes and times.
  • A rules and instructions page.
  • 5 maps, showing areas of the Wellington in more detail.
  • The prologue map.

It is important that you carefully read the instructions sheet. 

It is anticipated you will use the overview map to plan your general route, and the detailed maps to navigate to them.

Each map will also contain a list of descriptions - these describe exactly where each spy briefcase is.


Compulsory Gear List


You will be required to take the following gear with you during this event:

  • Cellphone - required for texting in checkpoints, and for emergency contact.
  • Jacket
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Pen (for planning)
  • Water bottle


If something goes wrong


We expect everyone to return to the event HQ.  If you are more than 30 minutes late we will be organising a search party.  If you can’t make it back, ring our emergency number (shown below) – NOT the live scoring number.

If you are lost or suffer a minor injury:

While on road  Ring a taxi for assistance (04 384 4444), then ring our emergency contact
While off road  Ring our emergency contact.  We will offer advice or send assistance

Emergency Contact Number: 027 717 5536

If you suffer serious injury ring 111


Metlink Timetable


Your maps will contain basic public transport information, including where the transport routes run, and the timetable for routes that run on a Sunday.

Metlink now offers real time information on all bus and train routes.  GPS trackers on buses and trains mean you can see the most up to date times for all buses and trains.  This can be accessed from your mobile, and from displays at all main bus and train stops.  We recommend that you practice using this system in advance at  For more details on how to use the real time information service, click here.

You could also download the  Metlink Commuter app for real time information about busses and trains:

Help is available, either via the app or on the website.


Start / Finish Line


Registration and the start / finish line is in front of the parliament buildings.


Live Scoring


Make sure the batteries of your moile phone are fully charged, as you will need to use the same phone for the whole event.

Registering Your Phone

Your live scoring instructions (in your registration pack) will contain your live scoring number and a unique Team ID Code.

During the planning time, you will need to text the Team ID Code to the live scoring number.  This will register the phone you are using to your team. 

During the Event.

Simply text in the secret code in each spy briefcase.  These will be five letters, such as "QIPEF"

If you believe you are in the correct location and the spy briefcase is missing, text the briefcase number then a question mark.  We MAY award the points (depending if many other teams did the same).

Finishing Line

Your last task before you cross the finish line is to enter a secret finishing password.   This secret password will be clearly displayed on an display above the finish line.  But watch out - they will change every minute.  And when the time is up, the secret words will start to be worth negative points.  You must enter a finishing password, or your score will not count.

The finishing password is also how we know you are safely back.